Funding for Insolvency and 
Restructuring Professionals

  • We fund claims typically over CAD 1.5M, but will consider claims of lower value, particularly if there is a portfolio of claims.
  • 100% of Insolvency Practitioner fees associated with the case, capped to an agreed budget.
  • All or part of the Legal fees associated with the claim or claims.
  • All related disbursements including expert’s opinions.
  • Any court-ordered costs and security for costs orders.
  • Any costs associated with establishing legal claims identified in the course of investigating the affairs of companies, including liquidator’s examinations, other expert reports, etc.


  1. Backed by the world’s most experienced litigation funder – as the insolvency practitioner you have ultimate control, with the ability to draw on the experience of the best team in the business. The team has been supporting insolvency practitioners with funding services for over 16 years.
  2. Bentham has the financial strength and track record to support the claim to completion.
  3. Bentham is local and transparent. As a publicly listed company, you can read about our structure, financial strength and track record. See our financial statements here.
  4. You are paid on an ongoing basis, smoothing lumpy cash-flow.
  5. You can provide creditors with a dividend from existing funds and use our funding to pursue any legal claims.
  6. Bentham covers any court-ordered costs if the claim is unsuccessful.
  7. Bentham promptly assesses applications for funding.

Our Return

  • On successful resolution, Bentham is typically entitled to reimbursement of the amounts it has paid plus a fee, calculated as a percentage of the resolution sum or a multiple of the amount invested.
  • The amount of the fee depends on the case and its duration. The fee is less if the case resolves sooner.