Our seminar has been approved and accredited by both The Law Society of Ontario (for up to 0.5 professionalism and 0.5 substantive hours) and the Barreau du Québec.

Notre programme a été agréé par le Barreau de l'Ontario (pour un maximum de 0,5 heure de contenu de professionnalisme et 0,5 heure de contenu de droit de fond) et par le Barreau du Québec.

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  • "The presentation given by Bentham IMF at my offices was extremely well received by all who attended. They found it to be a truly educational experience, both with respect to the evolving law regarding third party litigation funding as well as the numerous options available as provided by Bentham".

    Scott R. Venton - Partner, Fogler Rubinoff LLP

  • "Naomi and Tania presented with me to a number of our firm's clients to explain litigation funding.  They were articulate, engaging and clear.  The presentation was incredibly well received."

    James Bunting - Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

  • "I found the presentation extremely useful particularly in the illustration of the range of opportunities where litigation funding could be of interest to potential clients.  For example, I had not previously given thought to the possibility that financially strong companies may wish, for effective use of their funds, and to reduce legal spend, to share the risk of litigation with an outside funder.  The presentation also provides a valuable insight to market trends for lawyers who act both on behalf of Plaintiffs and Defendants".

    "J’ai trouvé la présentation très utile, en particulier concernant l’éventail de possibilités où un financement d’un litige pourrait être d’intérêt pour nos clients.  Je n’avais pas considéré auparavant que des parties ayant les moyens financiers voudraient partager le risque d’un litige avec une tierce-partie afin de réduire leurs dépenses légaux.  De plus, la présentation est essentielle pour n’importe quel avocat qui s’intéresse aux développements dans le marché, qu’on agi en demande ou en défense".

    Doug Mitchell - Partner, IMK