Bentham IMF Capital Limited provides litigation finance and investment capital to plaintiffs and law firms for large disputes in Canada and for international arbitration.

Bentham IMF Capital Limited is the Canadian arm of IMF Bentham Limited, one of the oldest and most experienced commercial funders in the world.

We offer law firms and their clients a risk sharing partnership and a proven record of success as a leading global litigation funder.


When other commercial litigation funders talk about experience they typically refer to their successful careers as lawyers or academics or business people.

At Bentham, when we talk about experience, we're not only talking about this. We are also referring to the fact that our team pioneered and helped shape the commercial litigation funding industry in Australia and in the U.S.

In over a decade, Bentham’s group has reviewed several thousand cases and has seen over 184 case investments, netting over AUD 2.3 billion in settlements or judgments, through to completion.


A strong partnership with Bentham can add enormous value to your cause.

We share risk; we deploy financial, economic, investigative and ethical experts where needed; and we align the interests of all parties — client, law firm and funder — to enhance collaboration. We partner with you to help you win.


We have an enviable record of success in the commercial litigation finance industry.

We boast many "firsts":

  • The first publicly listed litigation funder, in 2001
  • The first funder to be publicly regulated as a financial institution
  • The first funder to invest in claims breaking the AUD 3 billion value barrier, and
  • The first to fund disputes across continents: Australia, North America, Africa, and Asia

    Our track record speaks for itself



    Funding track record for investments funded to completion at 31 December 2018

    AUD 2.3 billion

    Total recoveries

    AUD 1.4 billion

    Returns to funded claimants


    Success Rate

    2.6 years

    Average investment length


    Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)

    The data contained in the Funding Track Record has been reviewed by EY to 31 December 2018.